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Headshot of Eleanor Kiefel Haggerty.

Eleanor Kiefel Haggerty

Melbourne, Australia

Eleanor is Engineering Manager and Team Lead of Buildkite's Pipelines team. She's a classicist turned engineer who loves to craft meaningful software. She's an avid adventurer, an enthusiastic dog patter and a budding violinist. Eleanor loves sailing and eggs.

Headshot of Tim Lucas.

Tim Lucas

Melbourne, Australia

Tim is the co-founder and co-CEO of Buildkite. He’s been building web apps and fostering developer communities for almost 20 years, and has a background in both design and engineering. Outside of Buildkite, Tim can be found climbing rocky walls and searching Melbourne for the best eggplant parmigiana.

Headshot of Jasmine Quek.

Jasmine Quek

Melbourne, Australia

Jasmine is a Senior Engineer and likes solving technical problems for people, by working together with great people. If I get to make pretty things along the way that’s fun too! In my natural habitat you’ll find me: eating, baking and playing games at the arcade.

Headshot of Jasmin Wong.

Jasmin Wong

Sydney, Australia

Jasmin is a designer and photographer, and pawrent to the world’s most photogenic Border Collie, Ari. She likes specialty tea, pottery, gardening, and working with other people to craft beautiful and useful things for humans of the internet.

Headshot of Philipp Wollermann.

Philipp Wollermann

Munich, Germany

Philipp is a Staff Software Engineer at Google. He manages the open-source team of Google's build system Bazel and has been working on Bazel for eight years now. He loves open-source and working with the community to build a great product and ecosystem.

Headshot of Keith Smiley.

Keith Smiley

San Francisco, USA

Keith is a Principal Engineer working on infrastructure at Lyft. He spends most of his time working on CI and build systems, especially related to mobile.

Headshot of Oliver Koo.

Oliver Koo

San Francisco, USA

Oliver is an iOS build engineer at Pinterest, his passion is creating developer productivity tools, and building CI/CD systems to enhance developer’s experience. Outside of work he enjoys rock climbing, social dancing and table tennis.

Headshot of Lelia Bray-Musso.

Lelia Bray-Musso

Suffolk County, USA

Lelia Bray-Musso is an open-source enthusiast, emoji connoisseur, and former film major. After switching to a career in technology, she was unable to avoid the allure of Continuous Integration. Whether through transforming the build process for server software, rehabilitating CI agents for testing robots, introducing shared libraries to a security company's release process, or exploring workflow extensibility through Buildkite plugin development, one constant has remained: a desire to make CI easier, faster, and more robust.

Headshot of Gary White Jr..

Gary White Jr.

Boston, USA

Gary White Jr. is a technologist, meme enthusiast, aspiring gearhead, and has-been musician. Working early in his career on Cloud Foundry and infrastructure automation, he has worked with many enterprise companies on solving difficult problems at scale. At Wayfair he’s been integral in revolutionizing their automation strategy with Buildkite, and now steps into the Open Source world in earnest once again with the Open Source Program Office.

Headshot of Shay Sofer.

Shay Sofer

Tel Aviv, Israel

Shay is a Backend Engineer at Wix’s Infrastructure team. For over a decade, he has worked in backend engineering and tech lead roles, implementing and designing software. He is passionate about distributed systems, playing the guitar (and is awful at it), and video games (and is somewhat okay at them). A proud father of a one-month-old. Learning new, exciting things every day.