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What is UnblockConf?

Thank you to everyone who attended UnblockConf21!

UnblockConf is a global developer community conference for teams implementing continuous delivery at scale.

UnblockConf21 was held across 15-17 November 2021 and brought more than 1,000 devs together across 25 countries — tuning in to watch talks and webinars from companies like Pagerduty, Bazel (Google), Wix, Wayfair, Lyft, AWS, Honeycomb, Datadog, Hashicorp, Flare and Cloudsmith!

This year’s online event featured expert-led webinars with live Q&As, virtual networking and community-building in our Skittish afterparty and talks by Buildkite team members going deep with exciting new product features.

Session Recordings

Missed a session? Our talks and webinars are now free to access on-demand.

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