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Posted March 29, 2016 by Tim

After a long weekend full of 🍫🐰 we’re happy to share some of the recent API updates that we’ve made based on your feedback 🛰️✨

  • The Link header is now exposed via CORS headers so you can paginate API results in the browser.
  • The Pipelines API now supports PATCH requests, allowing you to programatically update your build pipeline configuration.
  • Pipeline response objects now include a badge_url property with the URL to its build badge.
  • The build list APIs have a new finished_from parameter, a finished build state alias, and you now can filter by multiple state values.
  • And finally, our GraphQL beta API has received lots of updates as we move more of our own frontend to be GraphQL powered 💪:graphql:

In addition to the changes we’ve rolled out, here’s a few of the API integrations recently shared by the community:

If you’re using our API in interesting ways, or you find something missing that would help you, send a quick email to—we’d love to hear from you ✉️

Happy building! 🎉