Buildkite Changelog

What’s new in Buildkite :shipit:

Skipped jobs are now hidden by default

Posted May 30, 2016 by Keith

To make it easier to see which jobs were run in a build and which ones were skipped, we’ve updated build pipelines to hide skipped jobs by default ✨

No more seeing a disabled 🚀 step in a pull requests’s build pipeline 👏

If you want to see what jobs were skipped you can use the “Show skipped jobs” button on the right hand side of the pipeline 👀


Once you’ve shown the skipped jobs you can hover over them to see why they were skipped:


We’ve also added the ability to add branch filter patterns to block steps so you can hide these too (and a new skip property to manually skip a step):

  - command: ".buildkite/"

  - command: ".buildkite/"
    skip: "Linting is currently broken, skipping for now"

  - block: "Deploy to production"
    branches: "master"

  - command: ".buildkite/"
    branches: "master"

For more examples check out the updated Build Pipelines agent documentation and the Uploading Build Pipelines guide.