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Projects are now Pipelines

Posted February 18, 2016 by Tim

Welcome to the first Changelog update! ✨ This is where we’ll keep you up-to-date with the small improvements we’re constantly rolling out. The big stuff will still make it onto the blog, but if you’re a daily Buildkite user there’s lots of other changes you’ll want to know about.

Now, onto the first update… 😄

You may have noticed that we’ve recently renamed Projects to Pipelines, both in the web interface as well as the API. We’ve been wanting to make this change for a while because there's nothing project-y about Buildkite—we’re not a project management tool, our job is to help you build amazing software delivery pipelines 🔨📦🚀

To coincide with the rename we’ve made a Sample Pipelines GitHub repository to help discover and share the different ways of using pipelines, such as how to dynamically generate pipelines and trigger dependent pipelines. There’s also now a handful of examples for common languages and tools. Please send through a pull request to update the Readme if you have your own example you’d like to share ❤️

You can also use the new :pipeline: emoji, perfect for your pipeline upload steps. It looks like this: :pipeline:

The REST API has been bumped to v2, and the webhooks to v3, to incorporate the rename. For the API see our notes for what's changed from v1 to v2, and to upgrade your webhooks simply browse to the webhook and hit the Upgrade button 👍