Tim Lucas joins Buildbox

He’s ready to build ALL THE THINGS

Amazing news! We’re excited to announce that Tim Lucas has joined us as co-founder of Buildbox. Tim will be working on all things product, design, and marketing, and has already developed a new identity for us that we’ll be announcing soon.

He has a passion for both design and software development, and was the chief designer and co-organiser of Australia’s first CSSConf earlier this year. Tim also brings his business experience from running a Sydney-based agency specialising in prototype mobile and web application design, and working with startups both in Australia and Berlin.

When Tim isn’t correcting our straight quotes or doing amazing things with HTML, CSS and Javascript you can find him climbing rocks, brewing coffee, and making sure he knows the location of pretty much every food truck in Melbourne Australia.

Fun fact: he’s been in the Ruby community for so long that he is GitHub user #153.

I'm super excited to have Tim on the team 👍

You can follow him on Twitter, fork his code on GitHub, and like his photos on Instagram and Flickr.