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Can Jenkins scale in the era of AI-assisted development?

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Accelerate secure software delivery with Lacework and Buildkite

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Alternatives to Jenkins

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How Rippling reduced CI/CD costs by 50% with AWS Spot Instances

Spot Instances can help you reduce costs, but require careful management. Discover the challenges and solutions Rippling found when migrating.

Incident reviews: Looking beyond the root cause

Simplify, but don't oversimplify. Allow for nuance and complexity in post-incident reviews by using the Cynefin framework and telling stories.

Run CI/CD on Kubernetes in any cloud

Learn how to run scalable and resilient CI/CD infrastructure on Kubernetes anywhere. Follow along on your local machine in AWS, Microsoft, or Google.

Optimizing CI/CD for monorepos with Buildkite’s official plugin

See how to use Buildkite's official monorepo plugin to optimize your pipeline—only running the relevant code for a change.

Migrating from CircleCI? An open source tool to get you started

As more people choose Buildkite Pipelines in favor of CircleCI, we've launched an open source tool to make their transition easier.

Managed, self-hosted, or hybrid CI/CD? Understand your options

Choosing a CI/CD tool can be daunting, but considering where you want the pipeline to run is an excellent place to start—see how the options compare.

Extending Buildkite with plugins: HashiCorp Vault

Learn how to customize and extend Buildkite CI/CD pipelines using plugins. We'll look at how to manage secrets in pipelines with HashiCorp Vault.

Buildkite or Jenkins: Choosing the right tool for you

A detailed comparison of Buildkite & Jenkins, understand how Buildkite improves on many of Jenkins' great features with added flexibility, & control.