March 2023 Release
We’re building enterprise-grade CI/CD for everyone.

With security, flexibility, and control top-of-mind, this release brings together our latest platform updates to uplevel your CI/CD workflows.



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Native Kubernetes support

Run Buildkite agents within Kubernetes clusters.


Leverage your team’s experience by running your CI on the same compute platform as your production services.


Extend your CI system with tools from one of the most popular container orchestration ecosystems.


Represent your Buildkite pipeline steps as Kubernetes Pods.


Building the most secure CI on the planet

Now with OpenID Connect support and new enterprise-grade security features.

SOC II compliant

SOC 2 Type II compliant

We’ve achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance!


Export audit logs to EventBridge

Explore organization change events in your existing AWS monitoring suite.


Session IP address pinning

Prompt your users to re-authorize when their origin changes.

SSO session duration

Specify the interval by which users must re-authenticate with SSO.

API IP/CIDR allowlist

Restrict API access to IP addresses and CIDR block ranges you trust.

Dedicated security contacts

Nominate a contact at your organization to receive critical security updates.

API access token description on logs

API access token descriptions are now displayed on API access audit logs.

Build and test

Your build and test processes, elevated

Track your flaky tests and organize your agents with Clusters.

Increased Build Matrix support

Use Build Matrices within plugins and agent query rules.

Signal in automatic retry rules

Set up rules which automatically retry jobs based on their exit signal.

Agent v3.45.0 release

OIDC tokens, Kubernetes experimental support, Environment API, and much more.


Organize and categorize your agents based upon workload.

Usage breakdown

Understand your billable platform usage by pipelines and test suites.

Agent and ecosystem

Customizing your Buildkite workflows, made simpler

Extend your Buildkite experience with the agent environment API and new plugins.

Agent Environment API

Set job environment variables from any language in plugins and hooks.

Hashicorp Vault plugin

Expose pipeline secrets stored in Hashicorp Vault to use directly in pipeline steps.

Cache plugin

Cache ephemeral files between builds in different backends including Amazon S3.

GitLab plugin

Display Buildkite build status updates in your GitLab dashboard.

Buildkite platform

Our UI, uplifted

Functional updates to improve your workflows


Pipeline tags

Organize and categorize Pipelines with tags.


Waterfall build view

Identify bottlenecks in builds by visualizing the timeline of each build step.

Documentation UI and IA refresh

Documentation redesign

A redesign focused on readability, with improved IA and visual design.

Builds usability

Build usability improvements

A refined design surfaces the most important context when reviewing builds.

View in Test Analytics

View in Test Analytics

View insights about failed tests by going directly from jobs to Test Analytics.

Design uplift

Design uplift

Foundational UI and UX improvements throughout the platform.

And so much more

We’re constantly improving our product by shipping enhancements, fixes, and features. Take a look at what we’ve shipped so far this year.

FeatureAccess to test suite from an individual jobPipelines
FixRe-add an org to API access token after revocationPipelines
EnhancementMinIO support for artifact bucketsAgent
EnhancementShow pipeline UUID in settings page for API integrationPipelines
FixCustomize commit statuses on GitHub EnterprisePipelines
EnhancementAdd descriptions on API tokensPipelines
EnhancementAllow `soft_fail` to be set for trigger jobsPipelines
EnhancementUpdates to Python test collectorTest Analytics
EnhancementUpdate empty states for tabsTest Analytics
EnhancementUpdates to Swift test collectorTest Analytics
FeatureAgent release v3.45.0Agent
FixFull screen empty states show filter with current informationTest Analytics
EnhancementUpgrade artifact glob handling in agent to support negation and bracketingAgent
FeatureProvide group step ID, label and key in job environmentsPipelines
EnhancementDisable public access ACLs for managed secret buckets in Elastic StackElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementUpdate empty states for listsTest Analytics
FixPartial payments listed on incomplete invoicesPipelines
FeatureAgent release v3.44.0Agent
FixUpload pipeline steps asynchronously for greater reliabilityPipelines
EnhancementSupport for c7gn, m7g, and r7g instance type classes with arm64 AMI in Elastic StackElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixCreate build dialog closing on smaller viewportsPipelines
FixDismissible first run bannerTest Analytics
EnhancementUse new Buildkite fail icon in Test AnalyticsTest Analytics
EnhancementUpdates to .NET test collectorTest Analytics
EnhancementUpdates to JavaScript test collectorTest Analytics
EnhancementAdd 6px border radius on page header chart backgroundsTest Analytics
FixAdd icon consistency for trigger job rowsPipelines
FixLimit test suite names to 150 chars to match the limit on org namesTest Analytics
FixFix styles for cancelled jobsPipelines
EnhancementMake non-clickable cards different to clickable cards in the page header statsTest Analytics
EnhancementUpdates to Ruby test collectorTest Analytics
EnhancementHide location box when no location existsTest Analytics
FixFix group steps tooltip colliding with scroll containerPipelines
FixIgnore runs/uploads/executions where the Git commit SHA is "HEAD" when detecting flaky testsTest Analytics
FixFix suite summary card UI glitchesTest Analytics
FixTruncate first line of errors in collapsed stateTest Analytics
EnhancementRecognize macOS Ventura in agent tagsPipelines
EnhancementTruncate long test names, show full on hoverTest Analytics
FixUpdate count in tabs when adding new members and pipelinesTest Analytics
FixAdd line break to overflow titles in activity chart hoverTest Analytics
FixFix squished duration numbersTest Analytics
FeatureAgent release v3.43.1Agent
FeatureAgent release v3.43.0Agent
EnhancementPublish linux/arm64 Docker images for agentAgent
EnhancementHandle locked jobs when using --acquire-jobAgent
EnhancementPush Elastic Stack access logs to Cloudwatch for Linux instancesElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementSet navigation max width to 1600pxTest Analytics
EnhancementDesign unification between Pipelines and Test AnalyticsTest Analytics
EnhancementUpdates to Elixir test collectorTest Analytics
EnhancementUpdates to Rust test collectorTest Analytics
EnhancementAdd underline to table links on hoverTest Analytics
EnhancementStandardize timestamp across Test AnalyticsTest Analytics
FeatureAgent release v3.42.0Agent
EnhancementStyle tweaks for tablesTest Analytics
FeatureGitHub merge queues tutorialDocumentation
FeatureNew and updated documentation for new features, enhancementsDocumentation
EnhancementUnderlying platform enhancements to improve Test Analytics performanceTest Analytics
EnhancementIntroduce an embedded status page for insights into agent stateAgent
EnhancementIntroduce tabs to other pages in the Test Analytics UITest Analytics
EnhancementStyle updates to run and test execution pageTest Analytics
FixIntroduced new hook for agent startupAgent
FeatureHandle long-lost agent disconnections gracefullyAgent
EnhancementProvide option for encrypting EBS volumes in Elastic StackElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementUpgrade Elastic Stack to Docker Compose v2Elastic CI Stack for AWS
FixImprove agent environment parsing with `env` commandAgent