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Webhook payloads now include an event property

Posted April 05, 2016 by Tim

If you’ve tried processing Buildkite webhooks :webhook: with AWS Lambda :lambda: and Google Cloud Functions :gcloud: you'll know dealing with HTTP headers can sometimes be more painful than dealing with plain old JSON body properties.

To simplify the job of Buildkite webhook integration we’ve added the event name to the JSON payload body itself—you no longer need extra code to handle HTTP headers 🎉

We’ve updated all the webhooks examples with the new event property. For example, the build.finished webhook now looks like this:

  "event": "build.finished",
  "build": {
    "..": "..."
  "sender": {
    "...": "..."

We’ve also updated the API overview to clarify when to pass query string parameters and when to send JSON request bodies. The docs for each endpoint explain exactly what is expected :json:

We hope these changes bring a little less 😣 a little more :smiley_cat: when you’re working on Buildkite API integrations 💚