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Upgrades to Single Sign-On support

We've been rolling out some big upgrades to Buildkite’s Single Sign-On (SSO) support based on your feedback 📣


The upgrades to Single Sign-On include:

  • Admins can now invite users into an SSO organization prior to them joining, along with team membership.
  • Team membership can now be passed through as a SAML user attribute.
  • Contractors and bots can be added to an organization using any email domain.
  • SSO can be made optional for some users, allowing you to have a "break glass" account in the case of your SSO provider being unavailable.
  • People can participate in multiple Buildkite organizations with SSO enabled, and easily switch between them.

If your organization hasn't already made the switch, we'll be automatically moving your Buildkite organization to the new version of SSO over the next few weeks. There will be no interruption to your logins, and it won't require any changes to your SSO provider setup.

If you have any questions please email, and you can read more about SSO updates in our community forum post 😊