NewBuildkite hosted agents. Check out the Q1 Release for the latest features, including managed CI/CD offerings for Mac and Linux.


Agent v3.45.0 and AWS Elastic Stack v5.18.0 release

The latest agent release includes the job-api experiment, which enables an HTTP API within the agent, allowing jobs to inspect and mutate their environment without using bash. This is a big step towards supporting hooks and plugins in other languages.

Other experimental features include:

  • allowing spawning agents with a descending priority, rather than the default ascending priority
  • artifacts can now be uploaded to S3 compatible endpoints such as MinIO.

Other updates to this release include:

  • the AWS Elastic Stack has been updated with a newer version of buildx
  • the managed secrets buckets created by the stack now have public ACLs explicitly blocked

For a full list of additions, changes, fixes, and more details, see the buildkite-agent changelog and the elastic-ci-stack-for-aws changelog on GitHub.