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Buildkite Agent 2.2

We’ve just released Buildkite Agent v2.2 (Brangelina) 💑💔

So what's changed since Buildkite Agent 2.1.14?


  • :golang: The buildkite-agent binary is now built with Golang 1.7 giving us support for macOS Sierra
  • 💨 The agent now talks HTTP2 making calls to the Agent API that little bit faster
  • 📦 The binary is a statically compiled (no longer requiring libc)
  • :amazon-ec2: meta-data-ec2 and meta-data-ec2-tags can now be configured using BUILDKITE_AGENT_META_DATA_EC2 and BUILDKITE_AGENT_META_DATA_EC2_TAGS environment variables

(Possible)? Breaking changes

We've removed our dependency of libc for greater compatibly across *nix systems which has had a few side effects:

  • We've had to remove support for changing the process title when an agent starts running a job since it required libc to work. This feature has only ever been available to users running 64-bit Ubuntu. We'd like to bring this feature back in the future in a way that doesn't have us relying on libc
  • The agent will now use Golangs internal DNS resolver instead of the one on your system. This probably won't effect you in any real way, unless you've setup some funky DNS settings for

The release has been published to the Buildkite package repositories. For instructions on upgrading your agent please see the Upgrading section in the corresponding section of our installation documentation.