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Agent v3.43.1 + Elastic Stack v5.16.1 release

The v3.43.1 version of the buildkite-agent and the v5.16.1 version of the AWS elastic stack are now available.

Agent v3.43.1 fixes a bug introduced in v3.43.0 where jobs running on agents in --acquire-job mode will fail after about ~4.5 minutes. Agents running in non-acquire mode are not affected, and most of our customers don't use --acquire-job mode.

AWS Elastic Stack v5.16.1 upgrades the agent to this new version. Most elastic stack installations will not be affected by the above agent bug, but we still recommend upgrading to the latest version.

For a full list of additions, changes, and fixes, see the buildkite-agent changelog and the elastic-ci-stack-for-aws changelog on GitHub.