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Agent v3.43.0 and AWS Elastic Stack v5.16.0 release (addressing Git CVEs)

The 3.43.0 version of the buildkite-agent and the 5.16.0 version of the AWS elastic stack are now available.

This agent release fixes a panic that was accidentally added in v3.42.0, adds a flag to allow empty results with doing an artifact search, and Docker images for linux/arm64. Also, start --acquire-job now retries while the job is locked.

This agent release has been added to the 5.16.0 release of the elastic stack, which also includes Git v2.39.1 to address recent security vulnerabilities in Git, and now pushes access logs to Cloudwatch for Linux instances.

Two weeks ago we released the 3.42.0 version of the agent and the 5.15.0 version of the AWS elastic stack. This agent has added an experimental inbuilt status page, and a new agent-startup hook. The 5.15.0 release of the elastic stack added a parameter to enable server side encryption on s3 buckets created in the stack.

For a full list of additions, changes, and fixes, see the buildkite-agent changelog and the elastic-ci-stack-for-aws changelog on GitHub.