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Buildkite and OpenSSL (CVE-2022-3786, CVE-2022-3602)

Last week a serious vulnerability (CVE-2022-3786, CVE-2022-3602), was disclosed in the OpenSSL library. We’ve ensured that Buildkite internal systems, and our open source projects, are not vulnerable to this exploit.

We've performed an audit on our internal software and infrastructure, and we have no instances of OpenSSL 3.0.x in use directly or via dependencies, and therefore are not vulnerable to this exploit.

Additionally we've reviewed our open source projects (including the Buildkite Agent and the Elastic CI Stack for AWS) and have verified they also don't have any use of OpenSSL 3.0.x and are not vulnerable to (CVE-2022-3786, CVE-2022-3602).

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