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GraphQL resource id is available on the REST API

Posted December 08, 2020 by Juanito

As part of the transition to GraphQL, we have added graphql_id for the following REST API resources. The graphql_id is used to target specific resources when running queries and mutations on GraphQL API.

  • Agent
  • Build
  • Job
  • Organization
  • Pipeline
  • Team
  • User

Here is an example response from pipelines which includes graphql_id:

  "id": "849411f9-9e6d-4739-a0d8-e247088e9b52",
  "graphql_id": "UGlwZWxpbmUtLS1lOTM4ZGQxYy03MDgwLTQ4ZmQtOGQyMC0yNmQ4M2E0ZjNkNDg=",
  "url": ""

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