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Reorganized pipeline settings

To make it easier to manage your Buildkite pipelines, we’ve just rolled out completely reorganized Pipeline Settings. There’s now a navigation sidebar, easier to find source control settings and setup instructions, and the ability to manage scheduled builds. ♻️ ⚙️ 🎉

What’s changed?

⛵️ New sidebar navigation

Pipeline settings have been split up into separate pages, and there’s now a sidebar to help jump straight to the section you want. No more scrolling up and down one big page.

🔍 Easier to find source control settings

The settings for your source code service (such as GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, BitBucket, etc.) now lives in it’s own settings section. Here you can configure how your pipeline responds to source control events, and find the webhook setup instructions for your source code service.

⏰ Schedules

You can now configure build schedules in your pipeline settings, in addition to using the GraphQL API. This makes it easy to create pipelines that run nightly builds, hourly integrations, or daily ops tasks.

📦 Pipeline steps

We’ve made sure the pipeline steps are the top item in the settings navigation, so you can quickly iterate on your steps whilst getting a new pipeline up and running.