Lightning Talks

  • PagerDutyHey! Who Broke the Thing and How Do I Fix It?

    Integrating Buildkite with PagerDuty ensures you have all the information you need, when you need it. With the Buildkite/PagerDuty integration, you'll be able to configure your Buildkite pipelines to send events to your PagerDuty instance whenever a build completes: passes or fails. This talk will cover how to give your on-call teams context and power to resolve incidents as quickly as possible.

  • AviatorMerge Strategies for (Large) Monorepos

    Code-submission processes can highly impact developer productivity, especially as engineering teams scale and codebase complexity grows.

    Teams that regularly work on a monorepo struggle with keeping their main branch stable, especially as the number of engineers merging changes (and consequently, the number of code-submissions per day) grows. This happens because incompatibilities emerge when multiple changes are combined, causing builds to break frequently.

    This talk will feature a distillation of various merge strategies that help teams scale, and their associated developer-productivity trade offs.

  • CloudsmithActionable SBOMs with Cloudsmith and Buildkite

    The first step to securing your software is knowing what is in your software. Generating a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for your builds can limit the impact of critical vulnerabilities like Log4J by driving actions to update software or prevent the deployment of vulnerable artifacts.

    In her talk, Ciara will demo an actionable SBOM workflow using Cloudsmith and Buildkite, in addition to open source tools Syft, Grype, and Cosign.

  • ShipyardHave Your CI Treat Your Pre-production Environments Like Cattle Not Pets

    For continuous deployment to be effective, you need to eliminate as many blockers as possible. The most common complaint the Shipyard team hears from users is that broken staging environments are blocking deployments.

    Join Benjie De Groot as he shares best practices for how to unblock development teams through the use of ephemeral environments.

  • BuildkiteFinding Flaky Tests with Test Analytics

    With Buildkite's Test Analytics, teams can now take action to improve their test suites and keep their development teams unblocked. Get an early glimpse into how Buildkite is helping teams find and action flaky tests.

  • AWSWhat’s New About AWS Graviton

    At Unblock ‘21, Graviton Principal Specialist Solutions Architect Arthur Petitpierre presented the second generation of AWS processors, the AWS Graviton2. Since then, AWS has released a third gen AWS processor, the AWS Graviton3.

    During his talk, Arthur will share what’s new and how improvements have been made to the power efficiency and performance. You can benefit from Graviton3 for your CI workloads with Buildkite.

  • CevoProductivity Augmentation In the Software Development Life Cycle

    Learn how a sustainable environment-focused client (Organic Response) worked with Cevo to re-architect the existing CI/CD tool for productivity, reliability and more rapid product delivery while ensuring the technology stack is security compliant.

  • BuildkiteBuildkite Agents and OIDC

    Join Samuel Cochran of Buildkite to explore the Buildkite Agent security model and new federated identity support, coming soon.

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