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Ecommerce - 330 engineers

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REA Group is a multinational digital advertising business specialising in property. REA’s engineers develop and operate leading property websites in Australia and Asia, including and

Before Buildkite, REA’s engineering teams were using a mix of build systems, spread across a dozen clusters, which created problems of high maintenance costs and bottlenecks. They needed a solution that would give autonomy back to their engineering teams, and allow them to make full use of their AWS and Docker expertise.

In only a few weeks, REA was able to replace a number of Jenkins and Bamboo CI installations with their own autoscaling stack based on Buildkite, AWS and Docker. They found setup time for new build pipelines was reduced from weeks to days, and the centralized cluster greatly reduced their ops overhead.

Buildkite has helped their teams have faster builds, tighter feedback loops, and easier adoption of new tools and practices. Today, Buildkite powers the majority of builds across their organisation, and is the go-to CI tool for new projects.

engineers globally
reduction in team setup time
We had more than a dozen different build clusters, each of which required care and feeding (patching, backups, etc.) Buildkite allowed us to reduce overheads by outsourcing the hard (stateful) parts.
Tomas Varsavsky

Tomas Varsavsky
Chief Engineer

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Photo of some of the REA Group engineering team

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