Multiple Project Summary Reporting Standard (cc.xml)

You can now access the status of your builds using the Multiple Project Summary Reporting Standard, which is commonly known as cctray.xml or cc.xml

What is this "Multiple Project Summary Reporting Standard" you ask? Well...I'm glad you asked.

The Multiple Project Summary Reporting Standard is an RSS-like CI service build status XML feed originally developed by ThoughtWorks for (wow, that was quite a mouthful). Since then, a heap of other CI services have adopted a similar format.

The URL that you use to access the feed on Buildbox looks like this:[account-name].xml?api_key=[api-key]

You need to replace [account-name] with what you see in the URL when you look at your account page. For example, if the URL was: the account name would be my-account.

To find out your API key, go to:

Here is what it looks like when you enter it into the CCMenu app for OS X:

If you want to scope the builds to a particular branch, simply add &branch=[branch-name] to the end of the URL, like so:[account-name].xml?api_key=[api-key]&branch=master

There are many clients for the feed, here are a couple of the desktop ones we found:

CCMenu for OS X

CCTray for Windows