AWS + Buildkite


Get the most out of your Amazon Web Services investment, with Buildkite providing fast, secure and scalable CI/CD pipelines within an integrated hybrid cloud experience.

Automate and manage your infrastructure using Buildkite’s flexible pipeline workflows, deep pull request integration, and self-hosted agents running securely within your own infrastructure.

Elastic CI Stack

Use Buildkite’s powerful pipeline step types, and deep pull request integration, to increase the visibility, predictability and stability of using Terraform. You can create workflows that implement concurrency limits, use the built-in artifact storage, request manual approvals, and add build annotations based on critical Terraform plan output.


The Amazon EventBridge integration in Buildkite lets you stream a range of events in real-time from Buildkite to your AWS account, triggering custom workflows such as:

  • Event Visualizations with Amazon QuickSight
  • Custom alerts with Amazon SNS
  • Dynamically spinning up containerized Buildkite agents using ECS and Buildkite on-demand
Two people launching a pod

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