Automate and manage your infrastructure using Buildkite’s flexible pipeline workflows, deep pull request integration, and self-hosted agents running securely within your own infrastructure.

Elastic CI Stack

The 'Launch Stack' button of the Elastic CI Stack for AWS

The Elastic CI Stack for AWS gives you a private autoscaling Buildkite Agent cluster in your own AWS account.

Buildkite’s Elastic CI Stack for AWS has been designated Graviton Ready, as part of the AWS Service Ready Program, and is fully integrating and operational with AWS Graviton.

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EventBridge Integrations

Buildkite’s Amazon EventBridge integration lets you stream a range of events in real-time from Buildkite to your AWS account, triggering custom workflows such as:

  • Event Visualizations with Amazon QuickSight
  • Custom alerts with Amazon SNS
  • Dynamic containerized Buildkite agents using ECS and Buildkite on‑demand

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Build Workflow

Deploying an integration with AWS Step Functions for Amazon EventBridge enables your Amazon EventBridge event bus to trigger a rule that evaluates Build Started event from Buildkite and invokes AWS Step Functions as a target for matched events.

Build workflow


This solution deploys an integration with AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, AWS Glue, and Amazon Athena


Pipeline Alerts

Deploy two integration types to receive Buildkite pipeline alerts through Amazon EventBridge. It can be configured to send pipeline alerts in one of two ways:

  • As text messages through Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS).
  • As messages sent to a webhook endpoint (ex: Chime, Slack) by an AWS Lambda function.
Pipeline Alerts

Graviton Ready

Provide higher performance and lower power usage from traditional instance types with the AWS Arm-based EC2 instance.

Working closely with AWS, we’ve ensured the BuildKite Elastic CI Stack has best-in-class Graviton support–enabling you to set up highly scalable infrastructure for your teams powered by the fastest AWS compute.

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Two people launching a pod

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