New features
Group flaky tests by team

Assign flaky tests to the teams responsible for fixing them.

Flaky tests are a thorn in the side of any team. They disrupt workflows, undermine trust in test suites, and can lead to frustrating delays in shipping code.

Once you have a few teams working together, ownership can get murky, and coordinating the work to fix flaky tests becomes daunting. Teams often resort to siloed manual recordkeeping, making collaborating with others hard.

That’s why Test Analytics now lets you assign flaky tests to specific teams. This allows you to signal ownership and responsibility clearly, reduce the noise, and ensure that each team sees only what's relevant to them. Teams can divide and conquer the work, quashing flaky tests and getting back to shipping code.

1% improvements

A glimpse into some of the smaller features, fixes, and enhancements our engineering and product teams are constantly shipping.

FixInterpolate environment variables as part of group configuration.Pipelines
FixFix the 404 issue when clicking rebuild.Pipelines
FixFix the UI bug with parallelism by including the number in the build header.Pipelines
FixCorrectly terminate single-job instances in elastic-ci-stack.Pipelines
FixEnsure audit logs include all pipeline update steps.Pipelines
FeatureAllow for ordering annotations by priority using `--priority`.Pipelines
FixPrevent cluster queues from becoming the default when changing their descriptions.Pipelines
FixTransition builds to `started` when no longer failing.Pipelines
FixFix slow response times when getting `repositories.json` file.Pipelines
FixFix title element for default cluster queue page.Pipelines
FixFix `Unknown` Slack notifications on skipped builds.Pipelines
EnhancementAdd `soft_failed` attribute to trigger jobs API presenter.Pipelines
FixFix signed pipelines with wait steps.Pipelines
FixResolve `github_commit_status` from `Pending` when using groups and wait steps.Pipelines
FixEnsure agent registration happens when using clusters.Pipelines
FixDisplay correct UI status for group step pills that contain skipped and running jobs.Pipelines
FixMove jobs in `WAITING_FAILED` and to `CANCELED` when a build is canceled.Pipelines
FixOn Windows, allow case-insensitive interpolation of runtime environment variables.Pipelines
EnhancementAdd `ClusterId` to Buildkite environment variables.Pipelines
EnhancementAdd support for pipeline templates in the Terraform provider.Support
EnhancementRelease v0.2.0 of the Migration CLI.Support
FixFix `--target` option implementation in the docker-compose plugin.Support
FeatureAdd `--buildkite-inline-cache` property to the docker-compose plugin.Support
FixFix an issue with the usage of `list-object-v2`.Support
EnhancementAdd device-level IO limit options to the Docker plugin.Support
EnhancementContainer-definitions configuration is now optional on the ECS plugin.Support
EnhancementImprove SSO IP pinning for users on IPv6 addresses.Platform
EnhancementExpand Buildkite emoji library.Platform
EnhancementNotify organizations when reaching either 50% or 80% of inclusion usage.Platform
EnhancementAllow CSV export of organization members.Platform
EnhancementImprove display of hidden API access token values.Platform
EnhancementIdentify inactive notification services via `Last sent` timestamps.Platform
EnhancementInclude more information in the empty state when no data is available due to data retention.Test Analytics
FixFix missing suite reliability chart hover tooltip.Test Analytics
FixAdjust suite title and public badge positioning to account for long titles.Test Analytics
EnhancementUpdate docs to reflect currently available test frameworks.Test Analytics
EnhancementRemove `beta` reference in docs for languages out of beta.Test Analytics
FixRemove double footer border on Test Analytics views.Test Analytics
FixEnsure test runner exits with correct exit code in the JavaScript Test Collector.Test Analytics
EnhancementRefresh run issues documentation.Test Analytics
FixRemove `Continue setup` link when user doesn't have full access to the suite.Test Analytics
EnhancementRemove ActiveSupport dependency from test collector Ruby gem.Test Analytics
EnhancementUpdate JUnit XML setup instructions to guide users to the Buildkite plugin.Test Analytics
EnhancementClearly indicate which API calls require access token authentication.Documentation
EnhancementPromote organizations and add new teams endpoints to API documentation.Documentation
EnhancementProvide detail on how to manage clusters, queues, and agent tokens via UI or API.Documentation
EnhancementExplain how to migrate unclustered agents and pipelines to a cluster via UI or API.Documentation
EnhancementCreate new documentation section for Buildkite Packages, including a step-by-step tutorial.Documentation
FeatureAdd `--allowed-environment-variables` option to agent start.Agent
EnhancementCap agent retries to 24 hours for cases that previously tried forever.Agent
FixPrevent agent from retrying more requests that will never succeed.Agent
EnhancementUpgrade agent to run on Go 1.22.Agent
EnhancementLog enabled experiments on agent start.Agent
EnhancementExtend graceful cancellation from checkout phase to all job phases.Agent
EnhancementAllow silencing of specific warning logs using `--disable-warnings-for`.Agent
FixResolve Git commit information automatically when using a custom checkout hook.Agent
FixFix PowerShell hooks on Windows.Agent