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Press Buildkite Announces Strategic Collaboration with Amazon Web Services to Accelerate Global Delivery of Modern Software Applications

Buildkite Announces Strategic Collaboration with Amazon Web Services to Accelerate Global Delivery of Modern Software Applications

AWS will support Buildkite’s global expansion
Using Buildkite’s platform, customers can reduce software build, test and deployment times by up to 75 percent; lower compute costs up to 50 percent

Buildkite Announces Strategic Collaboration with Amazon Web Services to Accelerate Global Delivery of Modern Software Applications

AWS SUMMIT SYDNEY & SEATTLE – Apr. 10, 2024 – Buildkite Pty Ltd (Buildkite), a fast-growing global DevOps platform company, today announced at AWS Sydney Summit that the company has signed a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, to accelerate delivery of cloud-native applications across multiple industries, including digital native, financial services, retail or any enterprise undergoing digital transformation. Under the agreement, AWS and Buildkite will collaborate to market and sell Buildkite’s DevOps platform to customers across North America, EMEA and APAC. Buildkite will also launch its DevOps platform on the AWS Marketplace, available from today.

DevOps is a software development methodology that combines development (Dev) and operations (Ops) to increase the efficiency, speed, and security of software development and delivery, compared to more traditional processes. According to the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for DevOps Platforms, “By 2027, 75% of organizations will have switched from multiple point solutions to DevOps platforms to streamline application delivery, up from 25% in 2023”. The Buildkite DevOps platform is used by more than 1,000 organizations globally, including Uber, Pinterest, and Wix, to build, test, and deploy modern software solutions.

In this SCA, Buildkite and AWS will work with software and digital businesses to accelerate modern application development and give customers greater control of software release processes, automated tools and environments, and a reduction in risks and failures in the software development cycle. Buildkite will also focus on DevOps transformation and security with financial services customers, helping them get their products out to market quickly and securely. Additionally, Buildkite will drive DevOps adoption with retail enterprises to provide highly scalable and easily configurable pipelines with advanced monitoring and insights, allowing them to get product updates to market faster. Buildkite will also look for ways to incorporate AWS generative artificial intelligence into their future product offerings, allowing customers to move between tools and optimize their existing workloads.

This collaboration with AWS reaffirms our commitment to revolutionizing the way engineers develop, test, and deploy code,” said Keith Pitt, founder and CEO of Buildkite. “In a time where developers’ expectations of their tools are increasingly stringent, this collaboration highlights Buildkite’s unique role in offering a seamlessly integrated solution at the forefront of the DevOps lifecycle. With AWS, we are paving the way for an efficient and reliable software development lifecycle, helping unblock every developer’s workflow,” added Pitt.

Buildkite is powering some of the largest cloud-native businesses in the world,” said Sarah Bassett, Head of Independent Software Vendors (ISV), ANZ, AWS. “Through our partnership with Buildkite, software-driven businesses everywhere can remove the friction from delivering innovative, new services to increasingly demanding customers using modern cloud-native architectures. This will enable companies to launch products to market faster and more securely, while also providing scalable and easily configurable build, test, package and deploy solutions for enterprise-scale deployments. Our collaboration with Buildkite will benefit customers who develop software on AWS and have an interest in uplifting their organizations’ ability to practice DevOps.

Buildkite’s imperative is helping us retain control while quickly and reliably scaling when development volumes spike,” said Mike Wittig, VP, CISO & Head of Foundational Engineering, Block. “This allows us to continue to drive velocity in our software delivery while not compromising our security requirements, unblocking us from the challenges that previously hampered our developers' daily workflows.”

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