Enforced 2FA
Safer than ever

Lock down access in-line with your security policies, to further protect your data.

You’re now able to enforce 2FA for your users. This long-awaited customer demand is now crucial in light of recent data breaches across industries.

Our implementation not only safeguards your sensitive information, but also mitigates risk, and strengthens loss protection for your data.

1% improvements

Some of the work done behind-the-scenes by our Engineering and Product teams, who are constantly shipping features, fixes, and enhancements.

FixFix audit-log graphql endpoint when requesting sessionUserPlatform
EnhancementImproved security settings UI in organization settingsPlatform
FixValidate input parameters are integers in GraphQL API to prevent errors on some queriesPlatform
EnhancementBetter Audit Log entries for SCIM user deletionPlatform
FixFix Test Analytics usage page which would not load for certain plan typesPlatform
FeatureAccess to test suite from an individual jobPipelines
FixResolve mismatches with running build statsPipelines
FixPrevent anonymous users deep paginationPipelines
FeatureNew log line interation stylesPipelines
FixGracefully handle exceptions on archived pipelinesPipelines
FixResolve inconsistent run time on triggered jobsPipelines
FixImprove permission checking on pipeline provider webhook_urlPipelines
EnhancementAPI parity for pipelines provider webhook_url attributePipelines
EnhancementImprove performance of circuit breakersPipelines
FixPrevent simultaneous build requests to improve performance on builds with large step counts Pipelines
FixAnchor Job log output headerPipelines
EnhancementDocument contribution guidelines for pipeline-schemaPipelines
FixCorrectly render `Close` button on Dialog componentsPipelines
FixFormat build create_at data on BuildListPipelines
FixEnsure GitHub avatars render as build authorPipelines
EnhancementImprove Clusters API error messagingPipelines
FixFix Broswer history context being overriden Pipelines
EnhancementEmojify Pipeline Settings sidebar headerPipelines
FixConsistenly capitalise Builds ListPipelines
EnhancementImproved performance of “List agents” REST API endpointPipelines
FixImprove error handling when changing setting for archived pipelinesPipelines
FixImprove loading of build pages with large numbers of stepsPipelines
FixAllow deletion of cluster queues containing blocked or waiting jobsPipelines
EnhancementImprove performance generating REST API pagination headersPipelines
EnhancementImprove timeliness of service notification data loading and deliveryPipelines
FeatureSupport for build artifacts in Azure (alternative to S3/GCS/Artifactory)Pipelines
FixImprove support for soft-failed outcome in group stepsPipelines
Fixfix: typoAgent
EnhancementAdd `allow-repositories` param to enable repository allow-listingAgent
FixEscape path segments in URLs made with fmt.SprintfAgent
EnhancementAdd a full agent version which includes the commitAgent
EnhancementProvide new glob library with experimentAgent
FixUse git log to get commit informationAgent
FeatureArtifact up/download to/from Azure Blob StorageAgent
FixRetry fork/exec errors when running hookAgent
FixFix detection of missing commits on checkoutAgent
FixFix step get is printing the address of the stdout stream at the startAgent
FixAdd a newline after printing errors from the config parserAgent
Fixadd missing 'an' in annotation helpAgent
EnhancementAdd --strict-single-hooksAgent
EnhancementMake the agent send a SIGTERM (configurable) before a SIGKILL to subprocessesAgent
FixFix an error where exit status wasn't getting captured by the cleanup processAgent
FixFix parsing an interval as another intervalAgent
EnhancementAdd experiment to avoid a recursive trapAgent
EnhancementInclude the version each experiment was promotedAgent
EnhancementPrint agent version and build in debug logsAgent
FixUse a unique name for each agent started using the systemd template unit fileAgent
EnhancementLoad the AWS Shared Credentials for s3 operationsAgent
EnhancementAdd option to configure location of Job Log tmp fileAgent
FixReplace Bash fix-permissions script with GoElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixPrevent permission script acting on symlinksElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixFix instance storage mount script fails when instance storage not availableElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixChange the Community Slack links to Forum onesElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixFix `mdadm` is not installedElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixAdd missing authorized keys systemd unitsElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixFix instance storage docker dir not createdElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixFix `set -e` fails from env hooksElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixUse windows server 2019 base image and docker ceElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementAdd UseCostAllocationTags to EBS volumeElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementAdd ScalerMinPollInterval paramElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixDisable pager for aws-cli v2 for the buildkite-agent userElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementRename `EventScheduleRate` to `ScalerEventScheduleRate` and include it in the changelog for v6Elastic CI Stack for AWS
FeatureElastic CI Stack for AWS V6Elastic CI Stack for AWS
FixUpdate event trigger scheduleElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixCorrect grammar in an error messageElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementExit status 2 when environment hook failsElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixSpeculative fixes for docker image building hangingElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementHandle hard failures (eg. kernel panic) during bootstrapElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixCreate script to prepend `--compatibility` flag to docker-composeElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementChange `EventScheduleRate` parameter to `EventSchedulePeriod` and require unitsElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementUse the metrics route scoped to a queue to get metrics for the queueElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixDescribeScalingActivities onceElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementAdd MinPollInterval paramElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementAllow the event schedule rate to be configured via parametersElastic CI Stack for AWS
Enhancementfeat(collector): exit on 401 responseElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementMake the timeout configurableElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixBroken Ruby version comparability in RSpec/Minitest collectorTest Analytics
FixDuplicate suite slug name errorTest Analytics
EnhancementUpdate documentation to better describe failure_expanded objectsTest Analytics
EnhancementUpdate JSON history docs to clarify the time unit for durationTest Analytics
FixRemove Monitors from DocsTest Analytics
EnhancementAdd graphql_id to Suite REST API responseTest Analytics
EnhancementHeader tweak for summary pageTest Analytics
FeatureAdd emoji supportTest Analytics
FixUpload API 🐛 key not found errorTest Analytics
FixUpload API 🐛 undefined method errorTest Analytics
FeatureAdd suites#create REST API endpointTest Analytics
FixSanitise execution durationTest Analytics