CI/CD Best Practices: What we've learned from 1,000 customers

Learn about running secure CI/CD at scale, including types of CI/CD, security considerations, and Buildkite's approach to CI/CD security.

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CI/CD Best Practices: What we've learned from 1,000 customers
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  • Webinar40 min

In this webinar, we'll discuss CI/CD best practices from our experience working with over 1,000 customers to help them quickly and confidently ship quality code.

You'll learn:

  • Dashboard Creation: Why (and how) to build a unified view for all CI/CD projects, helping track vital metrics to address build issues early.
  • DRY Templates: Using DRY for multi-environment deployments using tools like Helm or Terraform
  • Speeding up builds with strategies like parallelization and target skipping
  • Addressing pipeline flakiness
  • Shift from static to dynamic pipeline configurations for more manageable and cost-effective CI/CD practices

Join Dan Ring and Mike Morgan, Solutions Architects at Buildkite, for this session. We will send a link of the recording to all registrants for those who may be unable to attend the live session.