Security and governance
API token expiry policies

Prevent potential security risks created by unused API tokens.

Security is job zero. It's important to harden your defenses against lost or leaked credentials. Buildkite's token expiry policy will automatically revoke tokens no longer in use from accessing your organization's information.

Set your token expiry policy to either 30, 60, 90, 180, or 365 days. Afterward, any token that hasn't been used for that period will expire and not have access to your organization.

1% improvements

Our product and engineering teams are constantly adding enhancements, fixes, and features. Check out what we’ve pushed over the last quarter.

EnhancementFlock lockingAgent
EnhancementSimplified first Pipeline experiencePipelines
FixBuild spinner not showing properly in the log outputPipelines
FixFix GitHub icon beside PR link in the build headerPipelines
EnhancementReturn helpful error if API request has content type of application/x-www-form-urlencodedPipelines
EnhancementRemove flaky information for tags#showTest Analytics
EnhancementAgents page doesn’t show running builds on agentsPipelines
FixLong team names overlap in pipeline creation pagePipelines
EnhancementAdd latest build status icons to the pipeline list on the pipelines pagePipelines
EnhancementAdd p50 - p90 duration data to tags#show UITest Analytics
FixDisconnected agents show a running icon on agent detail pagePipelines
FixRemoving an API key from datadog request log sectionPipelines
FixGitHub failed commit status linking to the wrong job if it is a parallel jobPipelines
FixTimeline tab not working Pipelines
EnhancementOnly show builds within the last 28 daysTest Analytics
FixFix GitHub status updates on the commit when the commit was on head SHAPipelines
EnhancementAdd failed test data to tags#show UITest Analytics
EnhancementSanitize configuration URLs for Slack integrationPipelines
FixFix public organization page rendering incorrectlyPipelines
FixFix cursor jumping in pipelines searchPipelines
EnhancementDisplay p50 p90 duration data in build headerTest Analytics
FixFix GitHub commit status notifications for group stepsPipelines
EnhancementDisplay validation errors when saving build settingsPipelines
EnhancementUse new commit sha metadataTest Analytics
EnhancementExtend legacy GitHub support to customer notifiersPipelines
FeatureShow info annotiations in the Failures tabPipelines
EnhancementHide read_flaky_tests scope if inactiveTest Analytics
FixFix dialog label overflowPipelines
FixHandle max timeout of 0 in step-level timeoutsPipelines
EnhancementMake entire card clickable in builds#indexTest Analytics
FixConsistently render borders in user rows in organization settingsPipelines
FixAllow adding multiple tags to a Pipeline via GraphQLPipelines
FixFix 400 errors on GitHub Enterprise Server App webhook ingestionPipelines
FixApply limits to artifacts list in job rowsPipelines
EnhancementUpdate default project branch to mainPipelines
FeatureAllow querying organization’s jobs by cluster or cluster queue in GraphQLPipelines
FixGracefully handle nil tags when creating a Run via the Uploads APITest Analytics
FeatureAllow querying organization’s pipelines by cluster in GraphQLPipelines
EnhancementUpdate Buildkite build badge logoPipelines
EnhancementAdd flaky test data to build#showTest Analytics
FixFix rendering of images in logs where the artifact has a space in the namePipelines
FixFix encoding error on agent token displayPipelines
FixImprove handling of infinite maximum job timeoutPipelines
EnhancementDisplay run data for a build groupTest Analytics
FixSupport non-string environment variables when using matricesPipelines
FeatureAllow copying AMI to all regions based on env variable in Scaler LambdaElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementAdd IAM role to publish to OIDC for agent scalerElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementUpdate header in untagged build groupTest Analytics
EnhancementMake it easier to substitute the buildkite-agent-scaler with a fork or branchElastic CI Stack for AWS
FixError with docker experimental CLIElastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementDisplay slowest 5% durations for testsTest Analytics
EnhancementBumping python from 3.7 to 3.10Elastic CI Stack for AWS
EnhancementDisplay run data for a build when no test groups existTest Analytics
EnhancementAny variables that are *_private_key will be auto redactedAgent
EnhancementUnknown experiments will be warned in loggerAgent
FixFix JSON ingestor to handle nested testsuiteTest Analytics
FeatureNew AWS specific agent tags being added to agents running on AWSAgent
FeatureAdded support for getting metadata per build Agent
EnhancementAdd failed test data to UITest Analytics
EnhancementInclude abbrev-commit in buildkite:git:commit meta-dataAgent
EnhancementPrevent job cancellation during checkout from retryingAgent
EnhancementAvoid long --no-patch arg added to git show in v1.8.4, to e.g. support CentOS 7Agent
FixDowncase all env keys when creating a runTest Analytics
EnhancementArtifactUploader API calls: faster timeout & retryAgent
Enhancementbuild#show page displays insights about the buildTest Analytics
EnhancementGive a nicer error when empty strings are used as metadata valuesAgent
EnhancementShow empty state on run page when run is processingTest Analytics
EnhancementErrors in the git checkout process are now easier to diagnose Agent
EnhancementAlpine images updated to Alpine 3.18Agent
EnhancementDisplay test groups for each buildTest Analytics
FixNew flag --upload-skip-symlinks (on artifact upload) allows skipping symlinks when uploading files. --follow-symlinks has been deprecated and renamed to --glob-resolve-follow-symlinksAgent
EnhancementUpdate styles for build#index pageTest Analytics
EnhancementPreserve plugin config env var names with consecutive underscoresAgent
FixRemove streamy inny graphTest Analytics
EnhancementWipe checkout directory on git checkout and git fetch failure and retryAgent
FixFix origin for mirrored submodulesAgent
FixRemoved incorrect command attribute for trigger jobDocumentation
EnhancementBump test collector to v2.3.1Test Analytics
EnhancementAdd ‘Configuring build export’ to the build retentions pageDocumentation
FixFix analytics builds sort orderTest Analytics
EnhancementDifferentiate GraphQL nullable and non-null typesDocumentation
EnhancementAdd section in GHE docs about configuring multiple GHE integrationsDocumentation
EnhancementUpdate SSO docs (Okta) with extra detail around account provisioningDocumentation
FixFix web_url attribute on Flaky Tests APITest Analytics
EnhancementAdd GraphQL queries for getting job run time and total build run timeDocumentation
EnhancementAdded a troubleshooting section for agent lostDocumentation
FixNot able to backfill run meta for runs when suite is soft deletedTest Analytics
EnhancementAdd note about block/input step not supportedDocumentation
FixFix example in retry docsDocumentation
EnhancementAvoid race conditions in upload state transitionsTest Analytics
EnhancementUpdated explanation when maximum timeout will be usedDocumentation
EnhancementAdd JSON content type header to all curl examples with JSON dataDocumentation
EnhancementReject blank payloads from queue multi fetchTest Analytics
EnhancementPrefer main over master everywhere it makes senseDocumentation
FixRemove Mercurial support from Bitbucket pageDocumentation
EnhancementAdd sections to GraphQL cookbookDocumentation
EnhancementBump collector versionTest Analytics
FixFix GraphQL script IADocumentation
EnhancementMake all clickable elements accessibleTest Analytics
EnhancementAdd images to the Block step pageDocumentation
FeatureAdd ability to render H3s in Table of ContentsDocumentation
EnhancementSort tests before bulk insert/updateTest Analytics
FeatureStyle external linksDocumentation
EnhancementRework the elastic stack sectionDocumentation
EnhancementFilter nil suitesTest Analytics
EnhancementNote for session IP pinning to workDocumentation
EnhancementNote triggering steps are no longer stuck when triggered builds failDocumentation
EnhancementReject duplicate uploads based on payload digestTest Analytics
FixFix the heading generation in CLI scriptDocumentation
EnhancementHandle malformed/unexpected Hash object for runs.env["message"]Test Analytics
EnhancementUpdate BUILDKITE_MESSAGE empty scenarioDocumentation
EnhancementExplain about local and global hooksDocumentation
EnhancementSkip duplicate executions within a batchTest Analytics
FeatureCreate Build retention page. Update Build export pageDocumentation
EnhancementAdded table documenting the JWT claims for the OIDC cli commandDocumentation
EnhancementImprove deleted suite handlingTest Analytics
EnhancementConsolidate GraphQL nav into regular navDocumentation
EnhancementUse Vite for compiling assetsDocumentation
EnhancementRemove flash of empty state on tablesTest Analytics
FixUpdate matrix limits to correct valuesDocumentation
EnhancementAdd note that agent-startup hook is supportedDocumentation
EnhancementCreator variables clarificationsDocumentation
EnhancementSkip expiring runs that belong to destroyed suitesTest Analytics
EnhancementGenerate sitemapDocumentation
EnhancementUpdate flake detection time periodDocumentation
FixFix table headersTest Analytics
EnhancementClarification on pipeline upload orderDocumentation
FixUpdate sample test in pages/plugins/writing.mdDocumentation
EnhancementExecute run finished worker in default queueTest Analytics
EnhancementBuild Log Archiving on Custom S3 BucketsDocumentation
EnhancementChange worker prioritiesTest Analytics
FeatureUpdate docs on Elastic CI Stack Parameters to v5.20Documentation
FixFix link to annotate subcommand in annotation API doc pageDocumentation
EnhancementUpdate empty state for no flaky tests found in the last 7 daysTest Analytics
EnhancementGeneral style update to Bamboo migration guideDocumentation
EnhancementAdd documentation around prefix third-party fork branch namesDocumentation
FeatureAdd Pausing Cluster Queues documentationDocumentation
EnhancementAdd url validation to api upload controllerTest Analytics
FixCorrecting storage duration information for build exportsDocumentation
EnhancementAdd metrics-datadog-distributions documentationDocumentation
EnhancementMake linked card shadows sharperTest Analytics
EnhancementAdded how to get number of builds between two datesDocumentation
FeaturePolyglot hooks docsDocumentation
EnhancementChange note about okta/azuread scim being avail for enterpriseDocumentation
EnhancementUpdate empty state for test collectorTest Analytics
FeatureAdd documentation for listing and getting clusters with the REST APIDocumentation
FeatureAdd documentation for creating, updating and deleting clusters with the REST APIDocumentation
FeatureAdd documentation for cluster tokens rest apiDocumentation
EnhancementRestructure the Clusters page into a new sectionDocumentation
FixCorrect the recipe for concurrency group filterDocumentation
FeatureAdd Clusters Queues list/get documentation for REST APIDocumentation
FeatureDocument adding pipelines to a clusterDocumentation
FeatureUpdate agent docs for v3.47.0Documentation
EnhancementGet all builds for pipeline graphqlDocumentation
FixFix web_url attribute on Flaky Tests APIDocumentation
EnhancementAdditional info on using WAIT with BLOCKDocumentation
FixFix link to agent lifecycle hooksDocumentation
FeatureAdd documentation for pausing and resuming cluster queues with the REST APIDocumentation
FeatureDocument setting default queue for clusters with the REST APIDocumentation
EnhancementTrigger step soft_fail doesn’t accept exit_statusDocumentation
FeatureAdd Analytics REST API suite#show docsDocumentation
EnhancementMake "local" an official BUILDKITE_SOURCEDocumentation
FeatureAdd documentation on tests#show Test Analytics REST API endpointDocumentation
FixAdd missing "#" to notify → slack → channels example for step-level Slack notificationsDocumentation
EnhancementFind pull request number for the current branchDocumentation
FeatureUpdate docs for Agent v3.48.0Documentation
FeatureAdd docs for creating, update and deleting cluster queues with REST APIDocumentation