Build input parameters

When builds start with a block or input step, you can now provide the values from the New Build modal and the API.

Previously, you had to start the build and provide inputs when the corresponding step ran. With this change, the input options are shown in the New Build modal and can be included in the API.

This change only shows when a block or input step is the first step in a pipeline, and the build is started from the Buildkite Pipelines UI or API. If the build starts from a Git webhook or you don't provide the values in the API, block and input steps behave as before—pausing the build until they receive the required values.

For example, the following pipeline starts with an input step:

Example pipeline.yaml with an input step taking a value type of release version

So, the New Build modal looks like:

The New Build modal shows the choices of major, minor, and patch for the release version type.

This feature will be turned on for all organizations in July 2024. If you would like early access to it, please contact support.