Buildkite Changelog

What’s new and updated in Buildkite

Build UI improvements

Posted March 26, 2023 by Oz

We've updated the Build UI to be more intuitive with the following improvements:

  • The issues tab is called the failures tab, making it easier for you to view failed jobs
  • The organization name and avatar are now seen on each Build page, to make it easier view the organization you're editing settings for
  • Block steps within groups are now easier to identify in the UI with a thickened purple border
  • Pipelines can be bookmarked instead of starred
  • Build summary now has a rebuild option, rather than edit steps and new build options
  • You can now navigate to all builds by clicking on the builds icon
  • Spacing and font fixes

It's also easier to make your pipelines stand out with:

  • Pipeline avatars in place of build stats
  • Configuration of pipeline color and emoji through pipeline settings