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From AI to ecommerce, software teams have cut their build times in half with Buildkite's CI/CD platform.

Faster:Stay in the flow

Speed up your feedback loops and spend more time doing what you enjoy. Remember the value of CI/CD: helping you write and deliver high-quality code quickly.

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Unlimited concurrency

Dynamically spin up tens of thousands of agents to cut build time and only pay for what you use.

Monorepo support

Map code boundaries to your CI/CD pipelines so you only run the relevant code in each build.

Reliability you can trust

Fix issues faster and avoid flakes by keeping your test and prod environments the same.

Better together

Scale your compute with full control and accelerate app development utilising AWS with Buildkite.

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Buildkite is the sweet spot of CI/CD tooling. A scalable orchestration system, dynamic pipelines, customizable runners, and a great local development experience. It’s the power tool teams need to deliver changes safely and at a high rate of speed.

Adam Jacob

Adam Jacob@adamhjk

CEO, System Initiative and Co-Founder, Chef Software

My team knows how much slow test suites hurt productivity from our previous companies. As PlanetScale has grown, our testing needs have exponentially increased. The larger our data handling becomes, the more risk is involved. Buildkite has provided us with reliability at a huge parallel scale. We need a CI solution that enables us to do more with less, continually deploying safely at ever-increasing speeds, and Buildkite stands apart across every level.

Sam Lambert

Sam Lambert@isamlambert

CEO, PlanetScale

More control:Fine-tune everything

Stop being restricted by tools that can't keep up. Start setting your own limits.

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Iterate locally

Experiment with changes locally before updating the pipeline for others.

Tweak performance

There’s no black box, no unknown magic, and no infrastructure you can’t tinker with.

Any language, any environment

Web, Windows, Linux, mobile, and many more—Buildkite agents run wherever you need them, even on autonomous cars.

Buildkite’s hybrid model—where we bring our own runners but they provide the scalable orchestration—fits our security and performance needs really well. We brought down the median time it takes to run PR checks from 60mins to 10mins.

Valera Zakharov

Valera Zakharov@valera_zakharov

Senior Staff Engineer, Slack

On a monthly basis we run 40,000,000 minutes of CI builds, executing 500,000,000 to 600,000,000 number of tasks... some run on-prem, some on AWS... Migrating from Jenkins to Buildkite, we optimised the scalability and flexibility of host management.

Yohan Hartanto

Yohan Hartanto@yohan

Staff Engineer, Uber

There’s a plugin for that

Extend Buildkite with supported plugins for popular tools like Docker, ECR, Kubernetes, and more—or write your own.

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Listen to your test data

Integrate your test runner to get insights for making your test suites more valuable. Best of all, you can integrate with any CI platform—no need to migrate.

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