Speed up your builds with Buildkite’s new free plan

In addition to our new paid plans, today we’re introducing an all-new free plan, giving everyone access to the same ultra-fast CI/CD pipeline tools used by Lyft, Pinterest, Wix, PagerDuty, and more.

Using Buildkite’s free plan you can now:

  • Set up CI/CD pipelines for any project, whether it’s a backend project, frontend builds, ML training, Ops automation, security scanning, or IOT testing 📦
  • Use powerful compute to speed up your builds, including on-demand cloud instances, spot instances, high CPU/GPU, Mac, ARM, new types of container runtimes, or even your own Raspberry Pi cluster ⚡️
  • Autoscale from zero to hundreds of agents, using the Elastic CI Stack for AWS and the Buildkite Agent Metrics Collector 📈
  • Parallelize your builds across hundreds of jobs ⏳
  • Run an unlimited number of pipelines and concurrent builds 💨
  • Invite as many collaborators as you need 👩‍💻
  • Observe and analyze your test suite’s performance and reliability with Buildkite Test Analytics Beta 🔍
  • Use it on private projects and open source repositories, on GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket 🛠

To get started, sign up today or join one of our upcoming Introduction to Buildkite webinars to learn more.

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