Monitors and alerts

Monitors track what matters to you. They trigger alerts under conditions that you decide.


🚧 Feature temporarily unavailable

Monitors and alerts for Test Analytics are unavailable as of September 05, 2022. We expect them to be back soon in the capacity outlined on this page.

There are three different types of monitors in Test Analytics:

  • Duration. Trigger alerts for increases, decreases, or changes compared to a median duration of previous days or runs.
  • Number. Trigger alerts on consecutive failures of the same test.
  • Reliability. Trigger alerts when a test drops below your target reliability percentage over a selected number of days or runs.

These can be set to monitor data from all branches, or only your configured default branch.

The number of available monitors depends on your Buildkite payment plan. You can configure up to 5 monitors with the Developer Plan and up to 20 with any of the paid plans. (Archived monitors do not count against this limit.)

Screenshot of monitor settings showing the ability to alert on changes to test duration, reliability, and consecutive failures.


When you get an alert from one of your monitors, see

  • when it was last seen
  • when it was first seen
  • how many times it has happened

Mark it as resolved, mute it, or leave it open.

Coming soon: web hooks and integrations with platforms such as Slack, GitHub, and issue tracking tools so you can assign ownership of problematic tests, and see alerts in your preferred platform.