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Buildkite Agent 2.1.8

Posted March 18, 2016 by Tim

We’ve just released Buildkite Agent v2.1.8 (Triantiwontigongolope 🐛) 🎉

What’s new since v2.1.6? A whole slew of bug reports have been closed, including an important fix for running multiple commands, improved build log streaming performance, and a few handy new features:

  • :s3: If you use a private S3 bucket for build artifact storage you can now set export a BUILDKITE_S3_ACCESS_URL environment variable to point to your own S3 proxy host (such as or aws-s3-proxy) to view your private artifacts in your web browser directly from the links in the Buildkite web interface 🎉
  • :git: You can set an export a BUILDKITE_GIT_CLEAN_FLAGS environment variable to configure the flags passed to git clean on every build. By default we don't specify -x, which can lead to unexpected files being left around from previous builds if they’re in your git ignore list. In the future we're making -x the default, but in the meantime you can add export BUILDKITE_GIT_CLEAN_FLAGS="-fxd" in your agent’s environment hook and enjoy pristine checkouts.
  • 📦 We now support the armhf architecture, allowing you to run the agent on platforms such as Scaleway.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed bug reports and GitHub pull requests ❤️

These releases have been published to the Buildkite package repositories. For instructions on upgrading your agent please see the Upgrading section in the corresponding section of our installation documentation.

For a full list of what's changed see the GitHub releases page :octocat: