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Buildkite Agent 2.1.14

Posted July 26, 2016 by Samuel

Update: We accidentally introduced a bug in this release. Please upgrade to the latest agent instead.

It's a cold winter's day here in Melbourne, but never too cold for new Buildkite Agent release: v2.1.14 (Frosty) ⛄️

What’s new since v2.1.13?

  • 🔍 SSH key scanning should be more resilient, whether or not you hash your known hosts file
  • 🏅 Commands executed by the Bootstrap script correctly preserve positional arguments and handle interpolation better
  • 🌈 ANSI color sequences are a little more resilient
  • ✨ Git clean and clone flags can now be supplied in the Agent configuration file or on the command line
  • 📢 Docker Compose will now be a little more verbose when the Agent is in Debug mode
  • 📑 $BUILDKITE_DOCKER_COMPOSE_FILE now accepts multiple files separated by a colon (:), like $PATH

The release has been published to the Buildkite package repositories. For instructions on upgrading your agent please see the Upgrading section in the corresponding section of our installation documentation.

For a full list of what's changed see the GitHub release page :octocat: