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Elastic CI Stack for EC2 Mac

Posted October 29, 2021 by Libby

For teams that run Buildkite Pipelines and build Xcode based software projects for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps, you can now run your Buildkite Builds on AWS EC2 Mac instances using a CloudFormation template. πŸŽ‰

This experimental template creates an Auto Scaling group, launch template, and host resource group to launch a pool of EC2 Mac instances that run the Buildkite Agent.

πŸ“£ Big shoutout to Buildkite customer Oliver Koo for his early input into this feature πŸ™

πŸ“š For details on how to prepare and deploy this template to your AWS Account, checkout the Auto Scaling EC2 Mac documentation, or jump straight into Elastic CI Stack for EC2 Mac.