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Agent v3.32.3 and AWS Elastic Stack v5.6.0 release

Posted September 02, 2021 by Libby

The 3.32.3 version of the buildkite-agent and the 5.6.0 version of the AWS elastic stack are now available.

The 3.32.3 Agent release has added:

  • Support for cross-region artifact buckets
  • Improved error logging around AWS Credentials
  • Logging to the artifact upload command to say where artifacts are being sent

The 5.6.0 Elastic Stack release has added:

  • Cross-region secrets bucket support to git-credentials-s3-secrets
  • AssumeRole support in the ECR Login plug-in

For full list of additions, changes, and fixes, see the buildkite-agent changelog and the elastic-ci-stack-for-aws changelog on GitHub.