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Elastic CI Stack for AWS v5.0.0

Posted November 09, 2020 by Juanito

We've released a new major version of the Elastic CI Stack 🌈

The latest version includes:

  • Experimental Windows Server 2019 support
  • Support for four new regions: ap-east-1 (Hong Kong), me-south-1 (Bahrain), af-south-1 (Cape Town), eu-south-1 (Milan)
  • Support for managing Agent tokens with AWS SSM
  • A blazing fast Agent Auto Scaler by AWS Lambda - up to 300% faster initial scale-ups compares to previous AutoScaling rules

And much, much more! Check out the full changelog for this release on GitHub.

We'd love for you to share any feedback you have on the v5 announcement post in our forum πŸ€“

Thank you to the many users who provided bug reports and contributions that made this release possible πŸ’š