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Buildkite Agent 2.1.9

Posted May 06, 2016 by Tim

We’ve just released Buildkite Agent v2.1.9 (Purple Rain) ⚛️

What’s new since v2.1.8? Two bug fixes and lots of Docker Compose improvements:

  • 🌈 Build headers now work even if they're wrapped in ANSI color escape codes
  • 🐛 Step commands are now run with bash’s -o pipefail option, preventing silent failures where failed_command | cat would end up with a passing step
  • :docker: Docker Compose 1.7.x support, including docker network removal during cleanup
  • :docker: Docker Compose builds now specify --pull, so a new base image will always be pulled if one exists
  • :docker: The "Running command" section of Docker Compose job output is now expanded by default
  • :docker: Docker Compose will now only build the specified service’s image, not all images. If you want to build all images, set the environment variable BUILDKITE_DOCKER_COMPOSE_BUILD_ALL=true
  • :docker: No more BUILDKITE_DOCKER_COMPOSE_LEAVE_VOLUMES undefined errors in

This release coincides with the beta of :aws: Buildkite AWS Stack, a one-click auto-scaling build cluster in it's own AWS VPC capable of running any project with a docker-compose.yml. Please test it out and send us your questions and feedback.

The release has been published to the Buildkite package repositories. For instructions on upgrading your agent please see the Upgrading section in the corresponding section of our installation documentation.

For a full list of what's changed see the GitHub releases page :octocat: