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Buildkite Customer Spotlight: Bluecore

Ashley McClelland on August 3, 2022VP of Marketing — Buildkite
We recently spoke with Shray from Bluecore about their migration from a cloud-based CI/CD provider to moving all of their pipelines to Buildkite, hosted on their Google Cloud infrastructure.

Farewell Tim

Tim Lucas on July 29, 2022Founder, co-CEO
After 8 years as co-founder, Tim Lucas is leaving Buildkite

How Bazel built its CI system on top of Buildkite

Mel Kaulfuss on July 14, 2022Senior Developer Advocate — Buildkite
Learn how the Bazel team built their CI system on top of Buildkite, pick up some Bazel tips and best practices to speed up builds and manage pipelines at scale.

Introducing Buildkite Test Analytics: bringing observability to your test suite

Keith Pitt on June 2, 2022Founder, co-CEO
If someone said to you “we don’t monitor our code in production”, you’d think they were stuck in 2004. In 2022 there are hundreds of tools that help you monitor and analyze how your application is performing once it reaches customers.

Reliability Review Q1 2022

Miguel Molina on April 11, 2022VP of Engineering
As a platform being used in the software development cycle of thousands of companies around the world, Buildkite takes very seriously the reliability of our services. This article reflects on some of the changes we are doing to improve what we consider our Feature Number One: Reliability
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