Ephemeral macOS builds with Buildkite, Nix, and Tailscale

Luc Perkins on March 1, 2023Developer relations engineer — Determinate Systems
Determinate Systems are working to make Nix easier for everyone, and part of their mission is to make it as easy to use on macOS as Linux. Learn more about their work, their CI needs, and how they've architected their macOS builds.

Unifying the Buildkite experience, visually

Buzz on February 22, 2023Principal Designer — Buildkite
As we expand our product footprint, including adding to Pipelines and Test Analytics, and looking to the future, it's become important to make some visual changes to unify the Buildkite experience.

Using GitHub's pull request merge queue in your pipelines

Mel Kaulfuss on February 14, 2023Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
GitHub recently announced the public beta of their much-anticipated pull request merge queue. In this post, you'll learn how to use it in your Buildkite pipelines.

Unblock '22 Recap

Laci Texter on December 20, 2022Lead Brand Marketing Manager — Buildkite
Unblock '22 — A quick look back + links to all the Talk videos

How to build CI/CD pipelines dynamically

Buildkite on December 15, 2022
A CI/CD pipeline is a powerful workflow for releasing software updates quickly and precisely–though sometimes, you need more than a static, one-size-fits-all approach. This article will cover dynamic pipelines, and how to create them easily.

DevOps Talks Singapore wrap up

Mel Kaulfuss on November 24, 2022Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
We just returned from Singapore, where the climate was perfect, and the DevOps Talks inspirational.

We raised a $21m Series B!

Keith Pitt on November 15, 2022Founder, CEO
We raised $21 million to invent the future of DevOps together.

Buildkite is now SOC 2 Type I compliant

Shaziya Bandukia on November 1, 2022Lead Product Marketing Manager — Buildkite
We’re excited to share that Buildkite has achieved SOC 2 Type I compliance.

Euruko 2022 wrap up

Mel Kaulfuss on October 28, 2022Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
I just got back from Euruko, Europe's Ruby Conference. Helsinki played host to 700 Rubyists from all across the world for 2 days of incredible talks, and surprisingly amazing coffee!

Manage your CI/CD resources as Code with Terraform

Mel Kaulfuss on October 24, 2022Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
Reduce repetitive manual tasks, and move away from "click-ops" by managing your Buildkite CI/CD resources as code using HashiCorp's Terraform.

Buildkite checks the boxes for Wayfair as a resilient, reusable, and fun CI platform

Ashley McClelland on September 27, 2022VP of Marketing — Buildkite
Lelia Bray-Musso and Gary White Jr. are members of Wayfair’s Open Source Program Office (OSPO) team. At last year’s Unblock conference, they shared how they upleveled their approach to CI with Buildkite, moving from an unstable and difficult to manage set of tools to a resilient and fun to use platform.

Buildkite is live on the AWS Marketplace

Alix on September 19, 2022
Buildkite is now available on AWS Marketplace

Build Header Redesign

Buzz on September 15, 2022Principal Designer — Buildkite
A behind-the-scenes look at the new build header design and some of the decisions, testing and iteration that made it a reality. Plus a peek at some upcoming changes coming to all Pipelines soon.

Alternatives to Jenkins

Buildkite on September 1, 2022
Jenkins has been a standard CI/CD choice for DevOps teams for years, but it's quickly becoming legacy technology for many teams. There are now more customizable and user-friendly solutions on the market with more responsive user interfaces, hybrid capabilities, and uncomplicated scaling.

Fixing Flaky Tests

Buildkite on August 16, 2022
A step-by-step guide to fixing flaky tests early and often.

Understanding Flaky Tests

Buildkite on August 15, 2022
Find out how to deal with flaky tests and use Buildkite’s Test Analytics to easily identify and fix them once and for all

Buildkite Customer Spotlight: Bluecore

Ashley McClelland on August 3, 2022VP of Marketing — Buildkite
We recently spoke with Shray from Bluecore about their migration from a cloud-based CI/CD provider to moving all of their pipelines to Buildkite, hosted on their Google Cloud infrastructure.

Farewell Tim

Tim Lucas on July 29, 2022Founder, co-CEO
After 8 years as co-founder, Tim Lucas is leaving Buildkite

How Bazel built its CI system on top of Buildkite

Mel Kaulfuss on July 14, 2022Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
Learn how the Bazel team built their CI system on top of Buildkite, pick up some Bazel tips and best practices to speed up builds and manage pipelines at scale.

Introducing Buildkite Test Analytics: bringing observability to your test suite

Keith Pitt on June 2, 2022Founder, CEO
If someone said to you “we don’t monitor our code in production”, you’d think they were stuck in 2004. In 2022 there are hundreds of tools that help you monitor and analyze how your application is performing once it reaches customers.

Reliability Review Q1 2022

Miguel Molina on April 11, 2022VP of Engineering
As a platform being used in the software development cycle of thousands of companies around the world, Buildkite takes very seriously the reliability of our services. This article reflects on some of the changes we are doing to improve what we consider our Feature Number One: Reliability

Speed up your builds with Buildkite’s new free plan

Tim Lucas on March 30, 2022Founder, co-CEO
Introducing Buildkite’s new Free plan, providing free access to the same ultra-fast CI/CD pipeline tools used by Shopify, Pinterest, PagerDuty, and Wix.

Introducing our new paid plans

Tim Lucas on March 30, 2022Founder, co-CEO
Today we're introducing new plans that pave the way for some upcoming releases, and that ensure we can continue to support and scale the highest performing CI/CD platform in a sustainable way

How Lyft's mobile team does mobile CI at scale

Mel Kaulfuss on March 25, 2022Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
Lyft's Keith Smiley recently shared with us Lyft’s CI journey to Buildkite, their current setup based on Buildkite and Bazel, and where the team is heading next.

How we created Buildkite’s Product Design Principles

Jasmin Wong on March 15, 2022Senior Product Designer — Buildkite
How we recently created the first version of our product design principles at Buildkite

6 Challenges Wix Faced While Building a Super CI Pipeline

Mel Kaulfuss on March 11, 2022Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
Discover the 6 challenges Wix’s infrastructure team met head on during their quest to support a growing engineering team.

Announcing Build Matrix

Libby Graham on March 9, 2022Senior Product Manager — Buildkite
Reduce boilerplate, duplication and time spent managing potentially unnecessary separate pipelines and builds. The new Build Matrix feature enables the creation of multiple jobs from a single, multi-variant step definition.

Marking International Women’s Day 2022

Eleanor Toulmin on March 7, 2022Chief of Staff — Buildkite
Thinking about gender equality and a sustainable tomorrow.

The Buildkite Shop Relaunch

Mitch James on March 4, 2022Lead Visual Designer — Buildkite
We shuttered the store eighteen months ago (thanks COVID 🦠) but today, we are re-launching it 🎉🎉

Introducing the Elastic CI Stack for EC2 Mac

Libby Graham on February 22, 2022Senior Product Manager — Buildkite
The new Elastic CI Stack for EC2 Mac helps your team migrate mobile workloads from on-premise Mac hardware to AWS-managed servers for increased reliability, security, and speed 📱

Announcing the new `group` step type

Mel Kaulfuss on February 11, 2022Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
We've introduced a new step type, giving teams with complex pipelines a way to group steps to simplify the visual appearance of builds.

Moving Pinterest’s iOS Builds to Autoscaled EC2 Mac

Mel Kaulfuss on February 8, 2022Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
Learn about the evolution of Pinterest's iOS build pipelines from on-prem hardware to autoscaling build queues backed by AWS EC2 Mac.

Buildkite’s New Values (and what your company can learn from our process)

Eleanor Toulmin on January 24, 2022Chief of Staff — Buildkite
At Buildkite, we have just finished going through the process of reevaluating our values. Last year, we took a look at them and decided that they just didn’t quite feel right anymore. Why?

Monash University uses Buildkite in COVID-19 modelling

Mel Kaulfuss on December 15, 2021Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
We caught up with the team at the Epidemiological Modelling Unit at Monash University's School of Publich Health and Preventitive Medicine to discuss

UnblockConf ‘21 — it’s a wrap!

Mel Kaulfuss on December 10, 2021Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
5 technical presentations, 9 deep dive technical webinars, 2 product keynotes, and all with a sprinkling of fun. See what happened at UnblockConf  ‘21.

AWS Graviton Ready

Mel Kaulfuss on December 2, 2021Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
Buildkite is now an official AWS Graviton Ready Partner 🎉 Full support for Graviton2 (C6g) instances is available now in the Elastic CI Stack for AWS, with Graviton3 (C7g) support coming soon.

Announcing UnblockConf '21

Mel Kaulfuss on October 26, 2021Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
Announcing our inaugural 3 day developer conference for teams implementing CI/CD at scale.

Announcing Buildkite Test Analytics: identify, track and fix problematic tests

Tim Lucas on October 7, 2021Founder, co-CEO
Identify problems in your delivery pipelines earlier than ever, understand what’s slowing down your builds, and set speed and reliability targets for your team.

How Elotl Autoscales CI in Kubernetes with Buildkite & Amazon EKS

Pawel Bojanowski on September 9, 2021Platform Engineer — Elotl
Elotl’s Nodeless Kubernetes enables you to automate compute capacity management for workloads running on Kubernetes, including CI workloads like builds executed via Buildkite. We take a look at how, from a platform engineer's perspective.

Introducing PagerDuty Change Events Integration

Tim Lucas on September 7, 2021Founder, co-CEO
Buildkite now integrates with PagerDuty Change Events, giving incident responders immediate access to recent build and deployment information.

How Up ditched Docker and halved their Android test times

Justin Morris on August 24, 2021Software Engineer — Up
Justin from Up shares their recent adventures in Android native build optimisations, improving their speed and stability using parallelism and GCP.

Buildkite has joined the Mobile Native Foundation

Mel Kaulfuss on July 22, 2021Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
We're very excited to be part of the Mobile Native Foundation and what they're seeking to achieve within their burgeoning community.

What’s next in DevOps? Takeaways from PagerDuty Summit 2021

Mel Kaulfuss on July 13, 2021Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
I recently attended the PagerDuty summit, the standout session was a chat between Christine Yen (Honeycomb) and Armon Dadgar (Hashicorp), discussing their thoughts around what priorities are driving innovation in the DevOps space.

Understanding and Preventing Common Security Vulnerabilities

Yetunde Abass on June 14, 2021
Let’s take a dive into three of the most common avenues that lead to security breaches and discuss ways to keep sensitive information safe.

Greetings to my friends in the developer community

Mel Kaulfuss on June 3, 2021Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
After 4 years of using Buildkite as an engineer, I've joined as the first Developer Advocate. Here's a bit about me and how I got here, what it's been like a month in, and a chance to say hi.

Interviewing @ Buildkite

Georgina Robilliard on June 1, 2021Head of People — Buildkite
Interviewing for a new role can be nerve-wracking. At Buildkite, we’ve designed our hiring process to give you the best opportunity to demonstrate your skills in a comfortable, remote setting.

Observability in the Buildkite agent via Datadog

Chloe Hutchinson on May 25, 2021
Our most recent release in the Buildkite Agent includes a community member-submitted integration with Datadog APM. We’ve been looking forward to sharing this feature because it provides a lot of insight into your CI/CD process.

Fail Fast with Amazon EventBridge

Jason Jacob on April 13, 2021
The ability to cancel builds as soon as possible provides developers with a quicker feedback loop, saving time and reducing the cost of running agents.

White Paper: Keys to Optimizing CI in Cloud Environments

Nick Rycar on April 8, 2021
Intellyx CMO and Principal analyst Jason English, outlines some of the benefits and drawbacks of various CI strategies in the cloud.

Official Buildkite Terraform Provider

Yetunde Abass on April 7, 2021
We’re excited to announce that we’ve published an official Buildkite provider to the Terraform registry!

Avoiding integer overflows with zero downtime

Samuel Cochran on March 25, 2021Product Manager, Pipelines — Buildkite
Migrating our largest table's primary key from an integer to a bigint with zero downtime.

Announcing the Buildkite Newsletter!

Nick Rycar on March 16, 2021
We're launching a newsletter! Get up to date on the latest and greatest updates at Buildkite, delivered directly to your inbox in a convenient digest.

How to Protect Your CI/CD Pipelines from... Yourself

Grant Colgate on March 9, 2021
Have you found yourself with broken code in production, accidentally deleted data, or users with access too broad for their role? We'll show you how to secure your pipelines from yourself with Buildkite.

Buildkite & ARM Revisited

Nick Rycar on February 23, 2021
Practical guidance on using Buildkite to run ARM-based workloads in Apple Silicon and AWS Graviton environments.

How Buildkite’s Values Drive Our Benefits

Georgina Robilliard on February 10, 2021Head of People — Buildkite
Buildkite's seven values (transparency, quality, diversity, independence, empathy, collaboration, and sustainable growth) drive the benefits we offer Buildkiters. This post explores the "why" behind what we offer.

Buildkite’s Transition to ARM

Keith Pitt on January 7, 2021Founder, CEO
The early results are in, and it looks like Apple’s new lineup of M1 Macs are living up to the promise of higher performance using less power.

Introducing Buildkite’s macOS CI managed service

Lachlan Donald on December 10, 2020
We are excited to announce an early access program for our macOS agents managed service, providing the first scalable CI platform for Mac and iOS development.

Your First Four Weeks at Buildkite will be Weird

Stefan Bramble on December 3, 2020

At Buildkite, we’ve tried to create a system that naturally allows new team members to feel as comfortable as they can as quickly as they can without rushing. It’s a process that I, along with my colleague Ben Christensen, designed at the request of Buildkite’s founders. When we were presented with the opportunity, I initially had only one question: Can it be weird?

Our Expanded GitHub Integration

Fred Showell on November 19, 2020Head of Product — Buildkite
Announcing a range of features that deepen the integration between Buildkite and GitHub, simplifying the path for running fast, secure, and scalable pipelines.

Concurrency Gates

Jason Jacob on November 19, 2020
Concurrency gates allow many of our customers — often bigger organizations with really large builds — to run multiple pipelines while stopping other tasks happening outside of that context until those things are finished.

Linting the Buildkite Docs

Sam Wright on September 7, 2020
Making the Buildkite docs more inclusive using automatic tests run on Buildkite 🛠 These linters won't fix your docs for you, but they will tell you where to fix them yourself

Telling the world about Buildkite

Lachlan Donald on August 18, 2020
Our customers have often said to us that we’re the best-kept secret in the DevOps space. While humbling, being a best-kept secret is something we consider to be more of a bug than a feature 😀

The all new Buildkite Shop

Tim Lucas on August 1, 2018Founder, co-CEO
Starting today, you can now grab yourself a screen printed Buildkite tee or vinyl sticker from our new online store. We can’t wait to start shipping you some stickers and tees. Head to shop.buildkite.com and order yourself some 💥

Control layout and styling in Build Annotations

Jessica Stokes on July 5, 2018
Buildkite’s Build Annotations let you add your own info to the top of build pages and notification emails using the buildkite-agent annotate sub-command. Generate and display coverage information, embed screenshots of test failures, visualize your dependency packages, link to a deployment, or point people to a file you’ve uploaded somewhere—the sky’s the limit 🌌

Announcing Buildkite Agent v3.0

Lachlan Donald on April 5, 2018
The Buildkite Agent is one of the most important pieces of Buildkite—it runs on your machine and infrastructure, and allows you to massively scale your builds whilst keeping control of performance and security. After two years of development and testing (and forty three betas!) we’re proud to announce that Buildkite Agent v3 has now been released as stable. ✨🚀

Job Retries

Harriet Lawrence on March 7, 2018
We’ve recently introduced some improvements to Job Retries. We’ve added some new attributes to our pipeline.yml command steps for automatically retrying failed jobs under certain conditions.

Announcing an all-new site and look

Harriet Lawrence on February 9, 2018
After much wrangling of HTML, browsers, words, and illustrations we’re excited to share an all-new website on buildkite.com 🎉 We’ve added a bunch of new pages, all jam-packed with information about Buildkite.

Agent Job History

Jessica Stokes on December 7, 2017
When running large fleets of build workers, you can sometimes run into consistent problems on a particular machine. To make it easier to detect and debug these problems, we’ve updated the Agent page and GraphQL API to provide a history of jobs the Agent has executed. 🕵🏻‍♀️📒

We did a week entirely dedicated to writing, and you should do one too

Harriet Lawrence on October 5, 2017
All my teammates are always excited about writing blog posts, but end up without any spare work time to do them. Hearing them say on multiple occasions they’d love to have some time for writing inspired me to try something a little different — a hack week, but with everyone entirely focused on writing 🎉

Updating Buildkite for Emoji 4.0 🥞

Jessica Stokes on July 25, 2017
Once again, the time has come to update some of the most critical of Buildkite’s infrastructure — our emoji support! ✨ Unicode 9.0 has landed, and shortly afterwards, 🏳️‍🌈 Emoji 4.0, each bringing with them a multitude new emoji and more opportunities to express yourself.

Continuous Delivery with Maven, Buildkite and packagecloud

Photo of Julio
Julio Capote on July 18, 2017
In this post I’ll show you how to setup your Maven project with Buildkite and packagecloud. Download the example Maven project from GitHub to follow along on your own machine: https://github.com/computology/buildkite-maven-project.

Teams permissions

Tim Lucas on July 12, 2017Founder, co-CEO
We’ve just released a new permissions system for Buildkite, allowing you to control exactly who gets access to which pipelines in your organization 🙅🏼🔐

5 ways we’ve improved flakey test debugging

Keith Pitt on July 3, 2017Founder, CEO
Flakey tests are the worst. Sometimes when debugging flakey tests, we (the Buildkite development team) would say things like “wouldn’t it be cool if the test suite did this” or “I’d be able to debug this failure so much easier if I just had access to the database”. So we tried to build some of those things, and turns out, it wasn’t as hard as we thought it’d be.

Improved pipeline headers

Tim Lucas on May 22, 2017Founder, co-CEO
To compliment the recently reorganized pipeline settings, we’ve rolled out upgrades to the pipeline header. It includes a quick link to your source code, works better on smaller screens, and has even stronger emoji support. 🎉

Reorganized pipeline settings

Tim Lucas on May 18, 2017Founder, co-CEO
To make it easier to manage your Buildkite pipelines, we’ve just rolled out completely reorganized Pipeline Settings. There’s now a navigation sidebar, easier to find source control settings and setup instructions, and the ability to manage scheduled builds. ♻️ ⚙️ 🎉

Making Magick with JavaScript ✨

Jessica Stokes on March 20, 2017
For a long while, I’ve admired programming languages which attempt to emulate the natural languages they’re derived from. I’m often seeking more natural ways to express concepts in programming.

My Builds

Harriet Lawrence on January 30, 2017
There’s a new way to interact with your Buildkite builds 😯 Instead of sifting through the builds from everyone in your organisation to find the ones you’ve started, we’ve collected them for you all in one place: My Builds.

Building the world’s most over-engineered Secret Santa 🎄

Tim Lucas on December 15, 2016Founder, co-CEO
Running a Secret Santa takes a lot of work! Firstly you create a spreadsheet with everyone’s names so they can add their Christmas gift hints, and for a remote team like ours, a delivery address too. 📊 Then you allocate each person their “Secret Santa” by pulling names out of a hat, wait for everyone to finish filling out the spreadsheet, and after much poking and fussing, notify each person to tell them who they’re buying for — all this whilst making sure everything stays a secret. 🙈

Block step input fields

Harriet Lawrence on December 14, 2016
Getting data into pipelines can be hard. Instead of wrangling APIs and chatops, you can now add custom forms directly to your Buildkite pipelines 🙌🏻 Getting input from your team has never been easier.

Pipeline metrics!

Harriet Lawrence on October 25, 2016
Our new Pipelines page highlights what we care about most — helping you make your builds fast and reliable. Doing a ground-up rebuild of the Pipelines page was an excellent opportunity for us to add features in answer to a whole lot of common requests. Each pipeline focuses on its default branch, helping you keep an eye on your team’s most important statistics.

Terraform Techniques with Buildkite

Samuel Cochran on September 12, 2016Product Manager, Pipelines — Buildkite
We've been evolving Buildkite's infrastructure pretty rapidly of late. In a very short period of time we've moved from some handcrafted snowflake servers doing everything to a fully autoscaling cluster of machines segmented by workload. To achieve this agility we've embraced configuration as code using Terraform and Packer, coupled with a collaborative workflow using GitHub and Buildkite.

Outage Post-Mortem for August 22nd

Keith Pitt on August 23, 2016Founder, CEO
On the 22nd of August 2016 at 17:21 UTC, Buildkite suffered a severe unplanned outage. During this period Buildkite was still able to run builds and update GitHub/Bitbucket Pull Request statuses, but no one was able to login, view build logs or read documentation. This is a full account of what happened, what changes we’ve made and lessons we learned.

Getting started with GraphQL queries and mutations

Tim Lucas on August 4, 2016Founder, co-CEO
GraphQL is a new standard for defining, querying and documenting APIs in a human-friendly way, with built-in documentation, a friendly query language and a bunch of tools to help you get started ⚡️

Buildkite’s new invitation system

Tim Lucas on July 25, 2016Founder, co-CEO
We’ve been wanting to rework how you invite people to your Buildkite organization for quite a while, so I’m happy to share that we’ve just shipped two big changes to the invite process: invitation emails for everyone ✉️ and automatic verification 🔐

Introducing a new continuous integration stack for AWS: the Elastic CI Stack

Tim Lucas on July 19, 2016Founder, co-CEO
We wanted to make it easier for any team to setup their build stack on AWS, so working with some of our best customers (👋 99designs) we’ve created the Elastic CI Stack for AWS: a pre-built CI and CD stack that gives you an autoscaling build cluster in your own AWS VPC.

Better Bitbucket Pull Request Testing

Keith Pitt on December 1, 2015Founder, CEO
See the pass/fail status of your pull request builds with Bitbucket’s shiny new pull request statuses ✔ Whenever you create or update a pull request in Bitbucket, you’ll now see a live updating status of both your Buildkite build, and each individual step in your build pipeline, directly on the Bitbucket pull request page.

More Powerful Webhooks

Tim Lucas on August 20, 2015Founder, co-CEO
Receive real-time notifications of changes to your agents, builds and jobs with new webhook events and filtering options ⚡️ Webhooks allow you to extend and customize Buildkite to suit your team’s needs, and along with the 2.0 agent release we’ve given the Buildkite webhook system a major overhaul.

Announcing Buildkite Agent 2.0

Keith Pitt on August 14, 2015Founder, CEO
The Buildkite Agent is an open source tool for securely running build and automation tasks on your own infrastructure. And after 41 betas and almost a year in development, I’m excited to announce that v2 of the agent has finally hit stable! Thanks so much to everyone who tested, contributed, and filed issues during the v2 betas. We couldn’t have done it without you ❤️

Announcing GitHub Deployments Support

Keith Pitt on June 25, 2015Founder, CEO
You can now easily use the GitHub Deployments API to trigger your Buildkite deployment pipelines 🚀 The GitHub Deployments API is designed to be used with your own deployment tool (such as hubot-deploy) and supports options such as `required_contexts` to validate that other services and Buildkite pipelines must have succeeded on a commit before allowing a deploy.

Animated Gifs in Your Log Output

Tim Lucas on May 8, 2015Founder, co-CEO
You can now embed failure screenshots, performance graphs and even animated gifs directly in your Buildkite build logs. Since the first release of Terminal (our open source, screen-emulating log renderer) we've dreamed of adding support for inline images so you could quickly and precisely see what went wrong without you having to dig through your build artifacts and logs.

Per-Step GitHub Commit Statuses

Keith Pitt on April 24, 2015Founder, CEO
Have separate GitHub commit statuses for every step in your build pipeline, with live updates and direct links to their logs. GitHub recently launched the ability to view all the build statuses for a pull request, for example you can now easily see the result of your Code Climate code quality checks alongside your Buildkite tests 🔴 ☑️

New Emojis API

Tim Lucas on March 16, 2015Founder, co-CEO
No longer does your team’s build monitor have to miss out on all the fun ✨ and 🐼 bears that you get in the Buildkite web interface, as we’ve now added a simple Emojis API.

API Access Tokens

Tim Lucas on January 14, 2015Founder, co-CEO
You can now create and manage multiple API access tokens, and scope them specific accounts and projects We’ve just added a new API Access Tokens section to your Buildkite user settings to help you manage API access 🚪 and security 🔐. You can now create new tokens as you need (each with their own limited set of permissions) as well as audit which tokens are currently being used and by whom.

Goodbye Notifications, Hello Services & Webhooks!

Keith Pitt on December 18, 2014Founder, CEO
Today we’re shipping big improvements to how you manage all of your 📣 and 🔔. You can now add multiple notification services across your entire organization (for example, different Slack channels for each team and project).

Introducing our new name: Buildkite

Tim Lucas on December 12, 2014Founder, co-CEO
It seems like only yesterday we launched this new site along with a shiny new logo. On top of shipping the recent navigation changes, pipeline improvements and Slack notifications, and working on the upcoming elastic build agents, we’ve also been working on something much bigger. From today onwards we have a new name: Buildkite.

Welcome to the new Buildbox

Tim Lucas on November 13, 2014Founder, co-CEO
You may have noticed that things are looking ✨ around here, and it’s not just because it’s spring in the Southern Hemisphere 🌻 Today we’re excited to announce some big changes we’ve been working our hardest on: a new identity, new pricing, a new site, and new elastic build agents.

CI and build automation for GitLab repositories

Keith Pitt on October 31, 2014Founder, CEO
GitLab is an open source tool for hosting and collaborating on Git repositories on your own servers. And today, we're excited to announce official Buildbox support for GitLab projects 🎉

Bash vulnerability CVE-2014-6271

Tim Lucas on September 25, 2014Founder, co-CEO
Earlier today serious vulnerabilities in bash were discovered. CVE-2014-6271, aka Shellshock or "Bash Bug", which allow arbitrary code execution using specially-crafted environment variables. You can read more about it at Wikipedia.

Message Themes for Slack Notifications

Tim Lucas on August 26, 2014Founder, co-CEO
You can now choose a Slack message theme with a little more ✨ 🐧 ✨ with the new Message theme option in your Slack notification settings (Account SettingsNotificationsSlack).

Status Badges and Environment Variables

Tim Lucas on August 25, 2014Founder, co-CEO
Today we’re announcing two new project-related features: 🐝 project environment variables, and the much anticipated 🐼 build status badges.

Tim Lucas joins Buildbox

Keith Pitt on August 13, 2014Founder, CEO
Amazing news! We’re excited to announce that Tim Lucas has joined us as co-founder of Buildbox. Tim will be working on all things product, design, and marketing, and has already developed a new identity for us that we’ll be announcing soon.

Improved Terminal Output Rendering

Keith Pitt on July 30, 2014Founder, CEO
Today we're shipping some updates to the build log output renderer as well as releasing a new version of the terminal gem (v0.3.2). The updates include: enhanced rendering of npm output, basic support for background colors, unicode emoji, and ANSI Art.

Buildbox Agent 0.2 Release

Keith Pitt on July 14, 2014Founder, CEO
A few months ago we released a new version of the Buildbox Agent that was rewritten entirely in Golang. Today we’re releasing version 0.2 of the agent, composed of almost 100 commits with some exciting new features.

Terminal: Open source ANSI to HTML renderer

Keith Pitt on July 9, 2014Founder, CEO
Today, we're open sourcing Terminal, the Ruby library behind our rendering of job logs. Terminal makes it easy to take arbitrary shell output, and turn it into beautifully rendered HTML. It has a simple API…

Redesigned Projects and Branches

Keith Pitt on July 7, 2014Founder, CEO
We're excited to ship some new UI updates to Buildbox. The updates include: a redesigned projects list view, a redesigned project header, an improved navigation bar design, those pages now update in realtime when new builds are triggered, and emojis now work everywhere!

Revamped Documentation

Keith Pitt on June 21, 2014Founder, CEO
We've just revamped our documentation! You can check it out by going to https://buildkite.com/docs. There is also a brand new Getting Started guide, to help you get setup with your new Buildbox account.

Introducing the Build Pipeline

Keith Pitt on May 7, 2014Founder, CEO
Today, Buildbox is back with a brand new invention. I'm happy to introduce you to Build Pipelines. These allow you to take your build, split it up into smaller steps and parallelize them over multiple build agents. This can result in major speed improvements to your builds.

Rewriting the Buildbox Agent

Keith Pitt on February 18, 2014Founder, CEO
TLDR: There is a new version of the agent written in Golang. Learn how to upgrade from the Ruby agent and install it from scratch at https://github.com/buildbox/agent.

Email Notification Settings

Photo of Shanon
Shanon McQuay on February 9, 2014
If you use your personal git config when contributing to work projects then today's feature might interest you. When we complete a build for any branch that isn't starred, by default we'll send an email to the address associated with the author of the most recent commit.

Multiple Project Summary Reporting Standard (cc.xml)

Keith Pitt on November 21, 2013Founder, CEO
You can now access the status of your builds using the Multiple Project Summary Reporting Standard, which is commonly known as cctray.xml or cc.xml What is this "Multiple Project Summary Reporting Standard" you ask? Well...I'm glad you asked.

Project Branch List v2

Keith Pitt on November 21, 2013Founder, CEO
We've just finished rolling out a brand new version of the branches page. The new design will let you peek at what builds are currently running for every branch. You can use the star button on the right to have certain branches (like master) stick to the top of the list.

Build Status Favicons

Keith Pitt on November 18, 2013Founder, CEO
If you have a long running build open in another tab on your browser, it's nice to know when that build finishes. We've now made it a little more easier to know when its status changes.

Skipping Builds

Keith Pitt on November 17, 2013Founder, CEO
Some code changes don't really require a full build - editing documentation for example. If you want Buildbox to ignore a commit and not build it, simply add [ci skip] somewhere in the commit message. Buildbox will won't build this commit or store it in the history.

Introducing Build Artifacts

Keith Pitt on November 14, 2013Founder, CEO
You can now upload files associated with any build you run on Buildbox. This is useful if you generate documentation or code coverage analysis for your projects. You define which artifacts you want to upload by specifying a directory glob on your Pipeline Setings page.

Good news everyone! We're out of Beta.

Keith Pitt on November 11, 2013Founder, CEO
We have some very exciting news for you... Not only are we launching a shiny new blog for Buildbox, but we're happy to announce that we're out of Beta! You can now signup without having to wait for an invite. Pricing information is also available.